Effective dissemination of ITTS concerns in Poland

Effective dissemination not only ensures effective spreading of latest information, but also increases awareness and encourages cooperation. It is necessary to guarantee project visibility by promoting it and the activities within it. During the last three years we have had several opportunities to disseminate the ideas and research results connected to ITTS. 

In September 2021, we presented the ITTS project at the Association for Teacher Education in Europe (ATEE), 2021 Annual Conference in Warsaw, Poland. The main theme of the conference was (Re)imagining & Remaking Teacher Education: Identity, Professionalism and Creativity in a Changed World. The participants were interested and surprised that we came up with a project on such a current topic. In addition, this interest gave us hope for fruitful collaboration in the future. The abstract of the presentation was published in the conference brochure.

We also established a cooperation with Teachers’ Training Center (TTC) to achieve ITTS’ aims on the national level. Thanks to the kind support of Bożena Żuk, director of the TTC in Słupsk, the information about the ITTS project was shared with all TTCs in Poland.

Meeting with Bożena Żuk, Direktor of the TTC in Słupsk

Meeting in the frame of the net meeting “International teachers for the school of tomorrow”, July 2022, online

Presentation at ATEE Conference, Warsaw,
Poland, September 2021

After being inspired by the goals of the ITTS project, Bożena Żuk offered to start new network meetings for teachers under the title International Teachers for the School of Tomorrow. Regular meetings started on 2nd March 2022 and will continue in 2023. In 2022, we had three meetings in total. During the meetings we had the chance to talk with international teachers from the Pomeranian region as well as to present the aims of the ITTS project, to invite for collaboration and finally to present the results of the project study.

The planned ITTS dissemination meeting took place on 26th May 2022. The director of the Department of Education, Anna Sadlak, local educational administrators from the field of education and school principals took part in the meeting. Anna Sadlak was extremely interested in the content of our international project and expressed the opinion that it is a very current and significant topic to study, especially in the historical situation related to the war in Ukraine. The vice director of the Technical School Complex in Słupsk, Beata Kumorowska, stated her deep interest in the results of the study conducted within the ITTS project and invited us to present the results at a meeting of the teachers of her school. We plan this meeting later this spring.

Guests and hosts of the ITTS Dissemination Meeting in Słupsk, Poland, 26th May 2022

In December 2022, we presented the research results of the ITTS project at the International Scientific Conference under the title Acceptance, Participation, Social Solidarity – an interdisciplinary challenge in creating a society for all which took place at the Maria Grzegorzewska University in Warsaw. There we were asked many questions about the results obtained in the different countries, as well as how the results could be explained.

Our plans, as mentioned above, are to present the results of the study to teaches and to prepare an article for the journal Educational guide published by the Teachers’ Training Center in Słupsk.

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