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Bachelor and MA in Art Education, PhD in Art Pedagogy. For the last 25 years I have been working at this University. I have experiences in working with persons with special needs and in organizing artistic workshops oriented toward development of creativity.

Current work and research interests

I am working as an assistant professor of art education at the University in Maribor. At the Faculty of Education, I am working at the Department of Art Education and the Department for Preschool Education. My working interests are oriented towards:

  • post-modern art education,

  • didactic transfers of contemporary art into pedagogic process,

  • preschool art education,

  • development of creativity via ITT.

Mostly looking forward to working in ITTS, because…

…it offers a lot of didactic possibilities in art education.

Selected publications

Zupančič, T. 2020: The creative artistic portfolio and reporting by art education students on their student teaching. In: Revija za elementarno izobraževanje, 13 (1), pp. 19-40.

Zupančič, T. 2018: The role of contemporary art educator from international perspective: teacher, performer, or something in between?. In: Rabensteiner, P.-M. (Ed.): Teacher education, sustainability and development: challenges, issues, solutions for teaching in the 21st century. (Erziehungswissenschaft, Bd. 86). Zürich: LIT, pp. 197-206.

Zupančič, T. 2017: Contemporary art as the promoter of sustainable art education. In: Celec, R. (Ed.): Development of ecological responsibility. (Erziehung-Unterricht-Bildung, Bd. 181). Hamburg: Dr. Kovač, pp. 331-343.

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