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I finished my Master degree in Sociology from the Freie Universität Berlin in 1990. Besides Sociology, I also studied Intercultural Education at the Institut für interkulturelle Erziehung at the same university and later finished my teacher’s qualification at the University of Iceland.

Current work and research interests

For the last 23 years I have worked in different fields connected with migration issues and teachers training and since 2003 have ran the intercultural centre InterCultural Iceland. I am the main trainer at all ICI training courses and have developed critical and creative cooperative teaching approaches and materials for diverse groups of learners.

Mostly looking forward to working in ITTS, because…

As I have been working with and giving training to teachers and trainers from all over Europe for the last 20 years, it is always important for me to keep discussing and learning from colleagues that are also involved in teachers training and working with diverse group of colleagues. I think the project partners all have different but very interesting profiles and I’m looking forward to our discussions about education and more. ?

Selected publications

Pétursdóttir, G. 2018 : Diverse Society-Diverse Classrooms.

Pétursdóttir, G. 2013: Manifestation of hidden discrimination and everyday prejudice towards immigrants in Iceland. In: Íslenska þjóðfélagið, 4.

Pétursdóttir, G. 2003: Everyone can do something – No one can do everything. (in Icelandic)

Pétursdóttir, G. 1999: Intercultural Education. (only in Icelandic)

Pétursdóttir, G. (n.d.): Intercultural education – better education for everyone? [online] URL:

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